Grocery Items

Getting ready for a party, boating, cooking on the grill, family picnic or just friends coming over?  No need to run to the liquor or grocery store when John's Liquor and General Store is right here in your Pasadena neighborhood.

We carry many common grocery items so you do not have to run to the box stores or crowded grocery store lines saving you lots of time.
You can always give us a call if you want to check to see if needed item is in stock.
We also have an ATM machine.

Some of the many items we stock are listed below:

  • Ice, Milk and Bread
  • Candy, Potato Chips and snacks
  • Cereals and Breakfast Foods
  • Dairy, Cheese, and Eggs
  • Frozen Foods
  • Ice Cream Bars
  • Bacon and sausage
  • Oils, Sauces, Salad Dressings, and Condiments
  • Pasta and Rice
  • Soups and Canned Goods
  • Charcoal and Propane for the backyard grill